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Comfortable and functional solutions in tight spaces... 30 mm melamine tabletop offers aesthetic solutions combined with the profile legs. Flat panel series solves all your needs by getting integrated with many alternative solutions within their group. You may use the same design with the independent desk models from work areas to the administrator offices, while creating work stations by adding the series to the Workstation units. You can carry the dense cables with the traverses available between the legs and create your own mechanical solutions. Divider panels between the tables may be used in operational Workstation groups of different options. They are produced in choices of different colors and sizes.


Table dimensions: 120x80 x 75h
140x80 x 75h
160x80 x 75h
180x80 x 75h
200x80 x 75h
Whatnot Size: 80x50 x 75h
Stand Dimensions: 50x50 x 42h
80x50 x 42h
Closet: Optional
Color: Optional

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