Elite World Business has been renovated with Gürsan Mobilya.


Having a 38 years of experience in the tourism industry, Gürsan Office Furniture offers a new generation of products to the appreciation of its customers with its new brand, GEON. Company also provide services to hotels in areas such as offices, conference and seminar rooms.

As Gürsan Office Furniture we are in operation in the office furniture and office chairs sector for 38 years now. We have undersigned many large-scale projects over the years. We have presented our new generation products to our customers with our office chair brand GEON for the last two years. We can provide architectural design services to all our customers through our head office and our Altunizade showroom. We are in collaboration with the tourism industry since the early years of the establishment of our company. Depending on our area of activiity, we can work in many areas such as hotel furnishing, design, administrative offices, conference and seminar rooms, locker rooms, dining halls, warehouses, and work stations inside the rooms.

The quality of the products used in hotels increases in conjunction with changes taking place in the hospitality management.

The tourism sector in Turkey is always a developing sector that maintains its vividness... Industry's biggest advantage from our perspective is that it is open to products that are modern and of good quality having different lines that can generate new concepts. The quality of accommodation and the hotels increases by the day particularly with the changes in the hospitality concept. Increase in the quality of the products used at the hotels in line with this new hospitality concept gives companies that sell concept products like us the opportunity to stand out. In particular, the increasing number of business hotels in Istanbul creates a large and significant market share for us.

We combined the classical and modern lines of the office furniture in this hotel.

We met with Elite World family about 10 years ago. We have done some work in various parts of the Elite World’s hotel in Taksim. Our collaboration has continued over the years. Our involvement in the Elite World Business Hotel project was on this occasion. In this project, we have made customized productions based on the needs in the regions of administrative offices. We think that Elite World Business Hotel is one of the example facilities, where classical and modern lines are combined with an elegant concept. We believe that Elite World became a trademark with this project and that this momentum will go further with new projects.