We regularly follow the developments in the world of furniture and undertake original designs with our respected design team. Each product, which we have created the design for, has a unique story for us. We are letting you experience a whole-new story everyday with our designs.


Furniture industry requires finesse and precision as the service sector today. Acting with the awareness of having a customer-oriented philosophy from production-to-sales, from sales-to-organization, from delivery-to-assembly and installation, and from after-sales services-to-customer services, Gürsan Furniture recognizes quality as one of its main principles within its entire organizational structure.

Gürsan Furniture constantly updates aand improves its service quality based on the regularly conducted reviews and evaluations of its expert team regarding the design approaches, changes and innovations taking place in the office furniture industry in the world. Having this approach certified with a ISO-9001: 2000 Quality Management System in 2003; Gürsan Furniture makes a difference with its experience, quality and continuous development principle.

Being Different

We allow you to live the difference of Gürsan with our original design concept from the beginning of the product design to the delivery of the product to you, to our valued customers and until after the sales. Because we know that being different cannot be just said and not done, it must be supported by actions as well.


Changes in people's thoughts lead to inevitable changes in all areas. Occurrence of these changes in every field is also reflected to the office furniture as a sector. As Gürsan Furniture; we closely follow technology, innovative service concepts and developing design trends and we include the innovations in our body in compliancce with our corporate identity.

Respect for the Environment and the Human Health

We produce all of our products in the context of a sensitive approach to the environment and the human health. We do not use any chemicals that can harm the environment and human in our products, and we fully abide by the environmental protocols. As Gürsan Furniture, we attach great importance for you to be in a healthy working environment.